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A day in a life of the freshketer.

Company Outing : freshketers live in Khaoyai 2021 (Animal wild life)

We were having so much fun in Khaoyai! Team building was our main goal, but the things we achieved were way beyond that.

Halloween Online Party 2021

Throwing a virtual Halloween party was a spooky and fantastic experience! freshketers took dressing up for Halloween quite seriously.

Christmas & New Year Party 2022

It's a happy feast! The night was all about gifting, eating, drinking, DANCING, SINGING and enjoying a good time together.

Chinese New Year 2022

Gong Xi Fa Cai. The lucky wheel is on and we all turned red (YUP! it's a flush of excitement) for ANG BAO GIVEAWAY.

Valentine Day 2022: I PEACH you very much

We celebrated the love season with some old-school heart-shaped stickers. Love is in the air, and we give it to those we care about!

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