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Database Administrator

Full time

10.00-19.00 (Flexible)

freshket Office
(Suthi Building)

About the Role

● Set and maintain database standards. 

● Install, upgrade, and manage database applications. 

● Automate various provisioning, maintenance tasks using scripts and automation tools. 

● Monitor and maintain the health, performance and availability of our production services in order to prevent outage and issues. 

● Help improve overall team productivity relating to development, testing and deployment. 

● Analyze, maintain and optimize databases. 

● Performance tuning - a deep understanding of index, query, and table performance and how to resolve issues. 

● Working collaboratively with other technology professionals to support technology programmes, projects and workstreams. 

● Developing relationships with internal resources and third parties to aid incident and issue resolution. 

● Develop processes for optimizing database security. 

● Manage database access and permission


  • Bachelor degree in Computer Science, Computer Engineering or a related technical field.

  • 2+ years experience in database administrator or database ops engineer or similar.

  • Proficient with data manipulation languages, including MS SQL, MySQL, or NoSQL.

  • Excellent knowledge of logical and physical data models, metadata definitions and models, queries and reports, processes, and maintenance procedures.

  • Experience in database operations.

  • Strong desire to learn and share knowledge with others.

  • High understanding of startup pace.

How to apply

4 steps to become a freshketer

01 Apply

You can apply through our website.

02 Review

The team will review your application and contact back.

03 Interview

We conduct phone and online interviews to get to know you better.

04 Offer

We make an offer to the candidate who is the best fit.

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